What to do If My TP Link Extender Keeps Disconnecting?

TP Link Extender

If you have opted for TP Link extender, then you must consider yourself as a genius and congratulate yourself. Trust us and mark our words that you have made an excellent choice. The extender, when configured in a proper way via tplinkrepeater net ip address, gives you an outstanding WiFi performance everywhere in your home.

Despite of extender’s outstanding performance, users have complained that they are facing issues with their TPLink WiFi range extender. And, one of the most common issues is that their TPLink WiFi range extender keeps disconnecting.

TP Link Extender Keeps Disconnecting: The Fixes

You Must Reboot the TP Link Extender

To prevent your TPLink WiFi range extender from frequently disconnecting, you must restart it first. The reason being, technical glitches is one of the major reasons behind getting the disconnecting issue. So, for fixing it, restarting TP Link WiFi range repeater is important.

Here are the instructions that you can apply to restart your TP Link device:

First of all, disconnect the TP Link device from your main router and then unplug it from the wall socket.
After a few minutes, plug in back your TPLink extender and reconnect it to the router and access tplinkrepeater net ip address.

Is the “TP Link extender keeps disconnecting” issue is fixed after rebooting it? If not, give the second hack a shot.

Is the Ethernet Connection Successfully Made?

You may also experience “TPLink extender keeps disconnecting” issue if it is not connected to your router in a proper way. Thus, for fixing the issue and to make the most out of your TP Link device, ensure to connect it properly to your router via good Ethernet cable. Good means that the cable must not be worn out, got it?

Ensure to Place the Devices Closer

Well, your TP Link WiFi range might continue to disconnect if it is not placed in reach of the router. For making things perfectly fine, place the extender and router closer. And, you can also connect them wirelessly (if you want your devices surrounded by messy Ethernet cable).

Updating Extender’s Firmware Is Important

Your TP Link WiFi range extender will surely get disconnect again and again if the firmware on it hasn’t updated yet. So, to make the most of your extender performance, download the TPLink app and follow the firmware update instructions provided on it.

You Can Reset TP Link Extender

Just in case, the troubleshooting hacks we have mentioned above don’t prove helpful to you, perform the factory reset process. How? By simply pressing and holding the TP Link extender’s reset button for a couple of seconds, and releasing it. After resetting your TP Link repeater, don’t forget to configure it again via tplinkrepeater net ip address.

Note: You can also configure the extender using the WPS method.

Summing Up

Now, we are about to conclude our post on how to fix “TPlink extender keeps disconnecting” issue. Anticipating that you are not struggling with the same issue anymore! Wishing you all the best and issue-free experience with TP Link WiFi extender!

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