Understanding Nighthawk Router LEDs

Are you owner of Nighthawk router? If yes, then you might have performed Netgear Nighthawk router setup to enjoy uninterrupted internet connectivity all over your house. But, do you know the meaning of LEDs on your Nighthawk router? You must be because the status of LEDs on your Nighthawk router indicates the status of connectivity between your Netgear Nighthawk router, modem, and the devices connected to its SSID. But, more than 90% of users hardly pay attention on the router’s LEDs. And, the rest 30% users are not even aware of the status of the router LEDs, what they indicate. Don’t consider yourself among them because you have opened the right guide. Here, we are going to explain the meaning of LEDs on your Nighthawk router.

Note: The lights and the status of the LEDs depends upon the Nighthawk router model you have.

Nighthawk Router LEDs Meaning

The Power LED

If the power LED on your Nighthawk router if off, it means that it is not receiving a steady power. In that case, you have to plug in your router in a proper way into a working wall socket.

And, if the router’s LED is blinking amber, it means it is powering up and will become solid green or white shortly

The Internet LED

If the internet LED on your Nighthawk router is off, it means that there is no connection between it and your existing modem. So, grab an Ethernet cable and make a solid connection between them.

And, if the internet LED is solid green or white, or blinking amber, it means that your Nighthawk router and modem are properly connected and you can access routerlogin.net and default routerlogin details to log in to your Nighthawk device and make changes to it accordingly.

By any chance, if the details routerlogin not working for you, we suggest you reset your Nighthawk device back to factory default values.


If the WPS LED on your Nighthawk router is off, then it means that you have not made any WPS connection between your Nighthawk router, modem, and client devices.

And, of the WPS on your Nighthawk router is blinking, it means that the WPS connection is in progress and become stable shortly. The stable LED on your Netgear Nighthawk indicates a successful WPS connection.

The Ethernet LED

If the Ethernet LED on your Nighthawk router is off, it means no device (computer, laptop, modem, or any) is connected to the Ethernet port of your device (the router).

And, if the router’s Ethernet LED is blinking, it means a device is successfully connected to the Ethernet port of your Nighthawk router. But, if it is blinking, it is that the Ethernet connection is loose. So, for fixing it, you must have a nudge at the Ethernet cable and the connection. Make sure that cable has no cuts or damages.


Now, we are going to put a full stop on our article explaining the meaning of LEDs on Netgear Nighthawk router. Here’s to hope that this guide was helpful.We anticipate that you are not on the list of users who are not aware of the router LEDs or who haven’t paid attention on them.

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