Quick Guide to Fix Netgear Extender Slow Internet Speed

Netgear extender Slow Internet

Despite installing a Netgear WiFi range extender, experiencing slow internet speeds is a common situation faced by many Netgear users. Are you one among them? Want to get it fixed? Yes! This can be done without external help. How? Read this guide and know about it. For your information, this guide is meant to resolve Netgear Extender Slow internet issues with all the models but we have taken Netgear EX700 as a reference. So, even if you haven’t performed the Netgear EX7000 setup, and own some other model, the hacks…

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What to do If My TP Link Extender Keeps Disconnecting?

TP Link Extender

If you have opted for TP Link extender, then you must consider yourself as a genius and congratulate yourself. Trust us and mark our words that you have made an excellent choice. The extender, when configured in a proper way via tplinkrepeater net ip address, gives you an outstanding WiFi performance everywhere in your home. Despite of extender’s outstanding performance, users have complained that they are facing issues with their TPLink WiFi range extender. And, one of the most common issues is that their TPLink WiFi range extender keeps disconnecting.…

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How do you perform Rockspace AC2100 wifi Setup via WPS?

Rockspace AC2100 wifi

Nowadays, internet has become one of the most essential things in our life. Users want to have access to high-speed internet and that is why they perform Rockspace AC2100 wifi extender setup in their homes. By performing Rockspace AC2100 wifi setup, users will get extended range of the internet all over their house.Now, you are thing about how to set up Rockspace WiFi extender, right? Well, think no more because over here, we have provided one of the easiest methods to perform Rockspace AC2100 extender setup i.e. using the WPS…

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