What Is Cologne & How To Apply It

How do you smell? The number one factor which makes someone memorable is how they smell. To create a powerful impact on others you need to have enough strong and vivid memories of yourself in someone’s mind so that they remember you.

Scientific studies have shown that smell is one of the most powerful factors to influence memory. If you can affect the memories of somebody then you also create an impactful impression.

So it is safe to say that how you smell is more or equally important to what you are wearing. Especially if you are a social bird you need to smell good on different occasions which require different fragrances and Cologne is the best thing to pick up.

What is Cologne or Eau de cologne 

The fragrance of all the fragrances is made up of 3 things: alcohol, oils, and water. The difference comes into play only when the concentration of any of the 3 things alcohol, oils, and water are mixed in different quantities. They are the perfect substitute for perfume but cologne is lighter than perfumes, this is because of the level of concentration of 3 things in Cologne. You can apply to brands like Jimmy Choo perfume & Cologne, etc.

There is a lot of misunderstanding and not-so-known facts about the cologne and how it should be used or applied. Here are the simple steps to take.

How To Apply Cologne

Before applying your  Jimmy Choo perfume & Cologne you need to know the following things to apply Cologne.

  • Spray from 3 to 6 inches away from your body

The advice to apply the cologne from 3 to 6 inches is given so that you do not use it excessively.  Applying the Cologne from close-in requires more sprays.

  • Apply after showering on dry skin

After taking a shower you can apply the Cologne as then your skin pores will be opened and ready to absorb the maximum amount of the fragrances.

  • Do not rube the skin

The most common mistake done by people is rubbing the part after applying the Cologne. Rubbing reduces the smell and it won’t last for long.

  • Use on the heated area

The Cologne is applied on the heated area like the neck, inner elbow, chest, etc. The reason behind spraying the Cologne on heated areas of the body is because these parts diffuse perfectly with the fragrance.


The fragrances play an important role in creating the first impression or good impression on someone you already know. The Cologne is used in events like parties, weddings, or any formal occasions.  Cologne is not much concentrated which makes them lighter as compared to perfumes because of the oil usage in Cologne which is 2% to 4% only.

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