Buying sherwanis online? Keep these points in mind

Indian weddings are noted for their vibrant colors and flair. About 6 months before the wedding, the preparations for the big day begin. Bride shopping takes a long time because the families involved may select to match colors or styles in some weddings.

Indian weddings are known to last for more than a day and the bridegroom typically sports a sherwani on their wedding day. A sherwani is typically a long coat worn over a pajama. This form of clothing has been donned right from the time of the Mughals and to date, it still showcases flair by the person who sports it.

The variety of dresses is plentiful. One can always Google β€œIndian groom sherwani online shopping” to get an idea of which sites to choose from. But before choosing a dress, one needs to be aware of the styles and types of sherwanis available. Here are the different styles of sherwanis that can be sported on the wedding day:

  • Jodhpuri Sherwani: This type of sherwani gives a royal look to the men who sport it due to its gorgeous jodhpur designs.
  • Achkan Sherwani: This type meets the midway between the ancient and modern type of look.
  • Pakistani Sherwani: This type is your usual charming sherwani look which has captivated a lot of attention due to its intricate designs.
  • Sherwani Jackets: This style shows a modern look for those who wish to sport the gentlemanly style.
  • Indo-western Sherwani: This type of sherwani is sported by those who want a mix of Indian and western dresses.

While purchasing sherwanis online, it is important to note the following points:

  • Personality: There are plenty of designs available online. But, it is important to consider your personality and choose a design that compliments your design and your bride’s ensemble.
  • Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is very important. For those who have sensitive skin, choosing the right fabric makes it all the more important. Apart from the fabric, it is also important to consider the color. If you have a theme you wish to follow, then you should choose a color of your choice.
  • Return and refund policy: It is important to keep in mind which websites you are buying from. Ensure you buy from a marketplace online, which has a good refunding and returning policy. This will ensure there is no hassle in case the fitting is not right.
  • Fitting: While purchasing online, a lot of people fall for the images shown online. Often fitting is not exactly as shown on the websites. While this is mentioned in the product description, people still tend to buy the wrong size.
  • Brands: Buying from brands that are known for a particular style would be best as you would be aware of the loyalty factor. A lot of brands pride themselves on the variety of designs available.
  • Budget: Wedding dresses can get expensive depending on the brands. Keeping your budget in mind will help in not splurging a lot of money on one aspect of the wedding.

Conclusion: As previously mentioned, just googling Indian groom sherwani online shopping is not sufficient to choose while purchasing dresses online. House of Kalra has a variety of collections that may match your dream dress. They also have a well-defined returns policy that will help you make the right choice.

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