The Experiences of a Student In Germany

Study In Germany

Student goes to study in Germany abroad as it offers a variety of experiences, and it is a dream of
numerous students to go there. The reason is that Germany’s universities are affordable and offer high-
quality education, a high standard of living, and numerous job opportunities that can be obtained after
getting a degree from Germany because it is highly valued in academic research. There is also a variety
of exciting cultures and traditions, some of the main reasons students worldwide want to study in
Germany. The colleges and universities in Germany are mainly known for delivering a very high-quality
education; the country is known for its friendly and welcoming people, making it very affordable for
international students who wish to study in Germany. The country is also known for its friendly and
welcoming people, making it suitable for international students.

The Transport of the Students in Germany:

Germany is known for its advantageous public transportation system, the limitless autobahns, and the
high-speed intercity train. Usually, most of the students will receive a ‘semester ticket’ which they will
use each academic term; the semester ticket would allow you to travel for free on all public transport in
their region, which for a student can be beneficial due to no expenses being spared for transportation.
Still, in addition to this, you will have the ability to experience the region with no money and not
be restricted by your budget. Additionally, several attractions and events are cheap or free with your
German student ID. Museums in the region and galleries, which is helpful when you wish to study the
rich history of Germany in your spare time. Students who study in Hong Kong also get discounts on bus

The Usual Weather of Germany:

Students who live in Germany or travel abroad to Germany may enjoy all four seasons throughout the
year. In Germany, the summers are hot, the winters are cold, the temperature can drop below freezing,
and the temperature balances the two in spring or fall. If you are a student who will study abroad for a
few years, you should pack clothes suited for the different seasons.

The Accommodation Costs for the Students:

Most students who travel abroad rent out private accommodation whilst studying in Germany. City life
is famous, but many students on a string budget will look for a ‘WG’ or a ‘wohngemeinschaften’, the
The German word for ‘Flat share’. Unexpectedly, Berlin rentals are on the lower end of the country, which is
a very substantial difference between the capital cities like Paris and London. Across Germany, the rent
for an average for Western Europe ranges from 550-800 EUR depending on your location. This cost
varies and can be reduced by being shared with other students who will study abroad. To guarantee that
only minor complications develop, check with your university’s international office to see whether they
can provide or recommend reputable private housing.

A few students will choose to live in student dorms provided by their universities. These are different
from the shared type of dorms you might imagine in the US, but rather the individual apartments right
on campus. They are cheap, but they are very hard to obtain as many students wish to have individual
apartments; the usual price is 150-350 EUR per month.

The Healthcare System of German Universities:

There are various healthcare systems around the world, but Germany has one of the best healthcare
systems in the world; since health insurance is essential for any student who travels abroad, Germany
takes health insurance very seriously. Students can get public or private health insurance, which is very
affordable compared to other Health care systems. You must always double-check your Health
insurance to see if it covers the proper expenses before buying one, and if you think it is up to standard,
you are good to go.

The Unique Experiences of German Lifestyles:

The students who travel abroad to Germany will experience a unique variety of cultures and languages
in Germany. Germans are pretty friendly, the places in Germany are lovely, and the extracurricular
activities are exciting; Germany also has excellent nightlife for night owls. Students who live in Germany
have a lot of choices between recreational activities. The country usually has many traditional festivals
held every year, and Oktoberfest is the most popular one. It is celebrated every year, and millions of
people attend the festival. The country’s official language is German, the first language of over 95% of

The Independence of German Students and the Variety:

The students traveling abroad to Germany are granted a lot of latitudes to change their way of life and
Schedule to suit their extracurricular activities. While studying in Germany, you will be in charge of
making your schedule, accommodation, and finances, which gives you greater accessibility to take
control of your life than other university systems. Neighboring universities often share the facilities,
which also means that you will be able to meet students from various institutions who study in various
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