Reduce hair Shrinkage of natural hair – Here is what you need to know

People with curly hair often have to go through many hair stages before finding their correct style. It takes a lot more care for curly-haired people to maintain the quality of their hair than for regular-haired people. Over time the hair tends to lose moisture and starts to contract. This contraction in the hair makes the curls shrink and causes hair shrinkage.

After using several methods to maintain the call in the hair, it becomes very hectic and frustrating when you see hair shrinkage natural hair.


As mentioned, our hair tends to lose moisture over time. The pores in the hair become less capable of holding water to keep the hair soft and light. Due to this noise in moisture, the hair tends to lose its natural shape and causes hair shrinkage natural hair. Here are some causes that could be leading your hair to lose its natural look:

  • You are drying your hair with a rough towel and not letting it dry naturally.
  • Excessive use of heat on hair can also lead to this problem
  • Overuse of hair-damaging substances is one of the most common causes of hair sinkage.
  • Losing the porosity of hair and moisture is the main reason.

Steps to reduce hair sinkage:

Although treating your hair naturally is the most relevant method to let your hair live its natural look, in the fast-paced life, transformation and changes have become very common. Due to this people try and experiment with her a lot. It causes damage to hair and leads to shrinkage. Here is some advice that can help you regain your natural hair:

  • It is suggested to always moisturize your hair while you wash them. Use of good and natural conditioner for your hair which is sulphate free.
  • Oil your hair regularly since it provides the required nutrition to maintain the natural beauty of hair.
  • Don’t always let your hair open, while sleeping it is suggested to tie your hair loosely and use a silk pillow cover.
  • Deep conditioning of hair with natural products is the key. Also getting deep conditioning done in a salon on a regular basis can help your hair regain its natural look.
  • Natural hair stretching tools are an option among people these days.

Use of natural hair stretching tools:

Natural hair stretching tools are used these days to stretch your hair and reduce its shrinkage. It brings elasticity to your hair that is lost due to loss of moisture. Many companies offer natural hair stretching tools and also help you reduce hair shrinkage without using a number of chemicals.


Taking care of hair has become a very hard task these days. Also with me any transformation and desire for a new look, people are moving towards the use of harmful chemicals in the hair, which is leading to a loss in the strength and stretch of hair. The natural tools used by Africans to maintain the beauty of their long and natural hair are one solution to bring back stretchability to the hair. AMTU hair art and tools provide these tools that result in visible and effective straightening of hair and Reduce hair Shrinkage natural hair.

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