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Finally, visit Bogd Khan Winter Palace museum, which was home to the last Buddhist leader of Mongolia in the 20th century. Ulaanbaatar offers a contrast between ancient traditions and the dawning of a 21st-century democracy, which can be seen in the traditional gers and Buddhist monasteries coexisting with modern high-rises. Join New Scientist on a thrilling and unique expedition to find dinosaur remains in the beautiful wilderness of the Gobi desert with specialists from the Mongolian Institute of Palaeontology. Participate in live prospecting and fossil digging across keys sites, and potentially be the first person in 80 million years to set eyes on your discovery. Request a brochure for more information on our wide range of adventure holidays. From top to bottom, we’ve taken care of all the details, so you can enjoy a no-stress, worry-free travel experience.

Journey through Mongolia’s vast open lands dotted by nomadic camps under a massive sky. Due in part to the developing infrastructure and the remoteness of some stops on our itinerary, we consider this to be a strenuous program. It will be physically demanding and busy at times, suitable only for travelers in excellent health. Daily excursions involve one to three miles of walking, often on uneven and rocky terrain. Our lodgings in Karakorum and the Gobi Desert are in ger camps. Gers are circular, dome-shaped tents covered with felt made from sheep’s wool.

One of the most remarkable things about flying privately through Mongolia is that the whole country becomes available to you, and roads, airports, and accommodations are no longer considerations of your visit. Embark on the world’s most famous overland journey from Moscow to Beijing, delving deep into the Siberian wilderness along the way. Cross three countries and two continents – accumulating almost 3,500 miles, all whilst bunking down for the night in the train, waking up to an ever-evolving landscape each morning.

Hotel facilities include a spa, Jacuzzi, pine sauna, steam room, swimming pool, fitness center, winter movie theater and ice-skating rink and complimentary WiFi. Take a quick and exciting 3-day journey into Mongolia’s fascinating history on this luxury tour of Hustai National Park. You’ll pursue the elusive wild takhi horse, hike through verdant steppe mountains, discover ancient Neolithic gravesites, and stay in luxurious Mongolian traditional Ger tents. Mongolia’s landscape is striking and rugged, dotted with timeworn Buddhist monasteries. Meet Mongolia’s herdsmen as well throughout the journey, learning firsthand about an ancient and disappearing way of life.

Deposits and any payments are refundable, less a $500-per-person cancellation fee, until 120 days prior to program start. After that date, refunds can be made only if the program is sold out and we resell your place, in which case a $1,000-per-person cancellation fee will apply. You are responsible for your personal travel expenses, including flights to and from the program. Upon arrival at the Ulaanbaatar airport, transfer to our centrally located hotel. Start in Ulaanbaatar with a visit to the Genghis Khan bronze statue, erected in 2006 to mark the 800th anniversary of the Mongolian Empire.

At the impressive Khongoryn Els Dunes, an early evening climb to the top affords stunning views out across the rippling sands towards the desert beyond. You can take a camel ride along the dunes with one of the local herder families. Several decades ago wild horses had disappeared from Mongolia, victims of habitat loss and poaching for meat, however small numbers survived in European zoos.

For the remainder of your time in the Gobi, you will be living the life of an expedition member, staying in well-appointed tents. The monastery is considered as the seat of Buddhism here and a popular spiritual destination for Mongolians from all across the country. You will see the 26-metre-tall standing Buddha and visit monks in service.

Be sure that yourroutine vaccines, as per your province or territory, are up-to-date regardless of your travel destination. Entry requirements vary depending on the type of passport you use for travel. We have obtained the information on this page from the Mongolian authorities. Traffic drives on the right but many cars have right-side steering. This can lead to collisions on two-lane roads when drivers attempt to pass slower vehicles. Business travellers should be aware that foreign companies have received threats of violence.

Travel by 4×4 to Hustai National Park, where some of the Earth’s last wild horses roam. The takhi or Przewalski’s horse native to these grasslands had nearly vanished from the wild, until the species was reintroduced here as a result of a successful captive breeding how to travel to Mongolia program. Meet with park staff to learn about the takhi reintroduction project, and keep an eye out for these stocky, coffee-coloured horses that have never been domesticated. Settle into a ger tonight, a round, felt-covered tent with basic furniture.

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