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The assembly in Malino is scheduled to begin on February 11, 2002. To this finish a number of Cabinet Ministers will visit Ambon again next February 5. Thus the Cabinet will have the chance to have a better view on the battle and its points. If not, the Moluccas will go on destroying itself and finally become the least of all Provinces in Indonesia in matters of schooling, well being and people’s welfare. The following report has been summarized from ‘Jakarta Post’ daily, January 31, 2002. It was further determined upon that the reconciliatory meeting which was to happen in Malino on 5-7 February, will be postponed until February. Minister Kalla urged the individuals to do their utmost to have this assembly succeed. CORRECTION ON MISINFORMATION – In our Report 219 no.1 we also talked about aggression toward two policemen in the Muslim village of Nania last December 27. However, this data turned out to be incorrect, and the news reader apologized. We will ship it as an attachment on request, and do not object to it being entered on web sites. Most of it’s a summary of our regular reviews in English. the Crisis Centre of the Diocese of Amboina. However any official publication by the use of a writer is just allowed in agreement with the creator i.e. Among those injured there are three marine servicemen. Another three marines are mentioned to be missing. Seven of those have been confirmed to be killed; forty two have burns, several of whom are in important situation. VICTIMS OF THE BOMB BLAST ON THE CALIFORNIA MOTORBOAT – Motorboat “California” on its voyage from Gudang Arang to Galala in the morning of December eleven, had about 80 passengers on board. Our source was the news bulletin of the local TV. However, the House of Representatives of the North Moluccas annulated the election outcome as a end result of Gafur, to have the ability to acquire this workplace, allegedly had practiced money politics. To guarantee safety to the Moluccan group specifically through the planned three days’ interval of mourning and worship, November 20-22, 2001. LASKAR JIHAD LEADER LEAVES AMBON – After staying in Ambon for one week, Laskar Jihad leader Jaffar Umar Thalib is said to have left for Sorong, Papua, on October 29, 2001. ANNULMENT OF ANNULMENT – On July 5, 2001, Abdul Gafur, lawyer work permit member of the Golkar Party, was elected to be the first governor of the new Province of the North Moluccas, changing caretaking governor Abdul Muhyi Effendie. Also a quantity of passengers are lacking and people are wondering whether or not these might have been abducted. Brigader General Edi Darnadi left the Moluccas on October 5, 2001. POLICE CHIEF COMMANDER LEAVES THE MOLUCCAS – Police Chief Commander. He shall be changed by Brigader General Farouk Mohammad Saleh. Now, on November 2, the High Court of Justice in Jakarta has confirmed that the election was legal and that there is no impediment to the installment of Abdul Gafur as the Governor of the North Moluccas, except decisive irregularities could be proved in courtroom. SUMMARY OF THE CONFLICT – We have readied a easy Christmas current for people who would like to obtain it, specifically a 46 web page account on the three years’ battle in the Moluccas and the North Moluccas in the Indonesian language. A third one, Mujiono, was wounded. THREE SOLDIERS KILLED – At noon last Saturday, September 8, 2001, three members of battalion Armed eight Kostrad discovered their deaths at the army quarters of infantery battalion 733/Masariku in Ambon, where they were stationed.. The three our bodies were evacuated to Surabaya the following day. GRENADE KILLS THREE PEOPLE – On August 15 two males have been driving a authorities owned motorbike along the boulevard east of Yos Sudarso harbour (i.e. Jalan Slamet Rijadi, Belakang Kota), an islam neighbourhood of Ambon. For still unknown purpose non-public Sunarto shot useless two of his fellow soldiers, named Suijono and Nurkalim. It is assumed that then Sunarto pulled the set off on himself, thus killing himself. Four others on this bus were injured. In his farewell speech he stressed the importance of wiping out that small bunch of gangsters from exterior the Moluccas and their native supporters, that need the conflict to go on. It is not quite understandable how it is potential for somebody who is supposed to have house-arrest in Jakarta, to be able to transfer about freely within the inflammable areas of Papua and the Moluccas. Suddenly a home-made grenade they were carrying with them exploded killing both males and a fifty four year old girl, named Saisiem, who was on a passing-by minibus. NEW MAYOR – On June 30, 2001, the native House of Representatives chose a model new Mayor and law firm turkish citizenship by investment vice Mayor for the city of Ambon. He might be assisted law firm turkish citizenship by investment Mr. It is assumed that the grenade was under the saddle of the motorbike and that continuous friction and the warmth had made it explode spontaneously. Papilaya will be the metropolis’s leader for the following five years. Due to malfunction or failure of technical devices at the server, e-mail by WASANTARA.NET.ID has not been possible these days. The election is widely greeted favourably and regarded to be “clean”. Syarif Hadler as the vice Mayor. Besides, your correspondent was away from Ambon for six weeks lately. The Governor himself, on June thirteen, during evening broadcast on local TV, stated he felt answerable for the lives and security of the folks of the Moluccas, being conscious that he – too – must account for his deeds on the Day of Judgement. For a number of weeks now even all of Ambon has been minimize off from any internet connection. The our bodies of the two men were unrecognizable and up to August 17 have not been claimed by any relations. Three passengers have been killed, ten were critically wounded. UNINTENTIONAL EXPLOSION – In the early morning of June 2 an earsplitting explosion was heard coming from Hasan’s house in Tanah Lapang Kecil, Ambon. The set up by the Governor of the Province of the Moluccas occurred on August four. AGAIN VICTIMS AT SEA – At about three.00 p.m. ANOTHER TERRORIST KILLED – Yesterday a terrorist intruded in the christian neighbourhood of Batugajah. One of the grenades which are manufactured there had exploded, killing a jihad warrior and injuring two others. In this report we try to meet up with the principle occasions and developments since July 2, 2001, collected from the local newspapers “Siwalima” and “Suara Maluku”. I must inform you the sad news that indeed Peter Riupassa is among the victims of the latest violence. Note for a “Riupassa” somewhere in Germany. He stated this to a bunch of about 30 students who got here expressing their grief on the violent dying of their comrade David Seitpatiseun during the current attack on ‘Gonzalo Veloso’. On his physique various sorts of military deadly gadgets and different army items were found. His physique was taken to Saparua yesterday and buried there. However, earlier than he could do any harm, he was lynched by the plenty.

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