DD Osama’s Girlfriend: Who’s He With? The DD Osama Family and Net Worth

DD Osama

In 2022, he began releasing music on a professional basis. The most well-known song, Dead Opps, featured his younger brother Notti Osama. The video had more than 9 million hits on YouTube.

He received sixty million people watching of the music clip on YouTube. how old is dd osama is 17 year old.

We can safely say the following: DD Osama is a talented young rapper who is now a star in the world of music. When he released his music video professional in the year 2022, he earned himself not only fame and recognition but also a name.

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The DD Osama Girlfriend: Who is He with?

The news about the girlfriend of DD Osama just recently. Osama is only 17 years old older, so we can conclude this Young Rapper has not been engaged at this point.

The Rapper is known for keeping his personal life private and away from public view. There are only 34 followers to the Instagram account, the majority of which are music videos.

DD Osama Family

dd osama real name is Devid reyes. Osama was born on November 29, 2006 to his father Osama. Osama, and Mother Mrs. Crimsley Martinez. Osama is a Mr. Osama is a businessman by profession. His Mother was an agent for real estate.

Osama was born in Harlem and was raised within Harlem, New York. His parents split when he was a young child. His mother was the one who raised him and his father wasn’t in his life.

His mother Mrs. Crimsley Martinez, married an additional man. Osama’s stepdad was never one to let him feel unloved and gave him the support the man needed.

DD Osama had a younger brother Ethan Reyes and three other older adults. When the trio decided to be rappers one of them was involved with modeling.

He was a brother to Ethan Ryes, Notti Osama passed away on the 9th of July, 2022. Osama had a close bond to his older brother Notti.


The transition into the profession for DD Osama, well, DD Osama earned lots of support from his family and friends when he chose to pursue to pursue a career in music. His family members also gave him an enormous blow and aided DD Osama to build his career to the fullest.

The first single by DD Osama is Peter Pan, released in 2022.

The songs of DD Osama include “Without You,” “Dead Opps,”” as well as “40s N 9s” that are popular and have gained a huge amount of attention through his appearance on YouTube. There are also many fans on his social media profiles.

In a brief period in time Osama gained immense popularity among young people and music enthusiasts.

DD Osama Net Worth

DD has also become a YouTuber as well as Singer He also uploads his official music videos to YouTube and his YouTube channel is commercialized. Osama enjoys millions of users on YouTube and the monetization on his channels is an avenue to earn an income of around $200,000. In 2022, his channel will have an estimated net worth of 100,000dollars. The rapper is young.

Osama is a fantastic rapper , and is extremely attracted to hip-hop music. At present, he has just been making videos on YouTube. He hasn’t been a part of any concert at this point. We will update this information as soon as the network expands in the future. Read more

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