Awesome Ideas for Keeping Your Toilet Clean at All Times

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Keeping your close coupled toilet clean is important. Not only is it necessary to keep it in shape, but it is vital to the overall health of your home. In order to maintain the health of your toilet, you need to be aware of the different ways to keep the bathroom and, more specifically, the toilet clean. In this blog, we are going to discuss a few easy ways to keep your toilets clean all the time. 

Steps to Clean Your Close Coupled Toilets

Cleaning your toilet is one of the most important things you can do in your home. It can get messy and gross if you neglect it. But the good news is that there are many ways to keep your toilet clean and fresh. 

Items you Possibly have in the Toilet for Cleaning the Toilets.

  • Toilet cleaning liquid or spray
  • Toilet Brush
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Wand, Scope, and Scrubbers
  • Cleaning Cloth

You may not have all of the items. But having access to most of them is important, and you may need them from time to time. 

Step 1. Remove Stains with a Toilet Cleaner. Toilet cleaners are a great tool to have in your bathroom to help keep your toilet clean and fresh. Toilet cleaners are usually just sprayed bottles with some vinegar or baking soda in them, but if you need something stronger, you can purchase a toilet cleaner with a brush on end. Toilet cleaners work by scrubbing the toilet bowl and leaving behind a fresh scent that is pleasant and does not leave behind any residue.

Step 2 Clean outside the Toilet Bowl and Cistern. A toilet brush is an essential tool for cleaning your toilet. There are many different types of toilet brushes, so make sure you get the right one for you. If you have a brush with a long handle, you can use it to scrub the rim of the bowl. A short handle on a toilet brush is best for scrubbing the bowl’s surface, while a long handle is better for scrubbing the inside of the bowl. So, that means you should use the right brush, for that is the one with a short handle to clean the bowl outside. The cleaning time will depend on how hard the marks or spots are on it. 

Step 3 Clean Inside the Toilet. Now it’s time to clean the toilet bowl from the inside. It will require you to use the long handle brush. You should scrub the bottom of the bowl and rims carefully and try to remove all the stains inside the bowl. You may use any type of spray or liquid that you use outside as well. It will make it easier for you to scrub away all the accumulation of dirt inside. If you have a standard close-coupled toilet with rims, then you should particularly focus on hard-to-reach areas inside the rims. The rim jets are particularly prone to the accumulation of dirt and limescale. You will need to apply the right amount of cleaning liquid inside the rims to clean and rinse the inside area. 

Step 4. Finishing Off Cleaning. You have finished cleaning the toilet, but at the last step, you should carefully look around the toilet bowl and cistern to know if there are any visible stains and marks of dirt on them. You may repeat all the steps once again in case you are not satisfied with the cleaning. You can wipe the outside area to make it dry at the end.

How To Keep the Toilet Clean for a Long Time?

Cleaning is a tedious process, and you don’t want to spend time repeating it soon. Therefore, you should take a few steps to ensure to maintain cleanliness. 

  • You should choose a rimless close-coupled toilet if possible. It is a type that comes without rims. That solves a major hygiene problem as there are no hard-to-reach areas inside it. That makes cleaning it a lot easier than the standard toilets. 
  • If you clean the toilet properly in time, then you may not need to spend more time cleaning it. Therefore, make a schedule and clean it 2,3 times a week, and it will hardly take a few minutes while it will be maintained in its real shape depending on its usage. 
  • You should follow a specific routine depending on the use of the toilet. If you are the only person who uses it, then once a week may be enough to maintain its cleanliness. Otherwise, you may need it 2 to 3 times.  

Final Thoughts. 

Keeping your close coupled toilet is not difficult. You only need to make sure that you follow a certain routine depending on its usage to clean it. In case you don’t clean it regularly, the marks and stains on will become difficult to remove. So, you will have to spend more time cleaning it. 

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