Sir Thomas Wharton Academy Accepts ParentPay

ParentPay is the UK market leader for school ePayments, offering online payments and parent communications, income management reporting and meal & kitchen management for schools, MATs and caterers.

This system replaces cash payments for meals, trips and activities at schools and nurseries with easy online payments that are secure and protect personal details.

Easy to use

Sir Thomas Wharton Academy currently accepts payments for school meals, trips and music lessons through the secure ParentPay Login online payment system. This provides parents with 24-hour access to make payments with confidence that this website has met high internet security standards.

Parents can use their bank accounts to make online payments directly into their child’s account, and have it automatically deposited there. With our Payment History feature and automatic topping-up feature, tracking expenses is made easier than ever for parents. When your balance runs low you have the option of adding more funds automatically if desired.

Parents have the option of making cash payments at local stores displaying the PayPoint sign. Their school will send home a letter with a barcode for this payment method; ParentPay records these payments, making them viewable online as they happen. Furthermore, those with children attending multiple schools that use ParentPay can easily link all their login accounts under one single login account.


ParentPay provides parents with a safe online service for paying school meals, trips and activities. Leveraging innovative technology to process card transactions securely and all communication between banks and ParentPay are encrypted.

Parents can access their ParentPay accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week to make payments. A mobile app makes this even simpler as parents can check balances and make payments on-the-go. Any payments made through ParentPay are documented in an electronic transaction history which can be reviewed at any time.

Once their child has been admitted to our Academy, new parents will receive an activation letter with log in details for ParentPay and clear instructions on how to activate it. Parents with more than one child at our school or other ParentPay schools can link their accounts together using a single username and password so that all payment histories for all their children can be easily viewed from one central place.

Easy to manage

ParentPay provides parents and students the freedom to pay for Academy trips, music lessons, clubs and uniform at their convenience, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Utilizing bank-grade security protocols, all transactions are instantaneous with schools receiving real-time payment reports that provide a complete audit trail of all payments made using ParentPay.

Parents and students can access their payment history and balance via the login page provided with an activation letter at the start of term. In addition, email or SMS alerts alert them of low balances which helps avoid overdrawing or incurring debt.

Teachers appreciate ParentPay for its user-friendliness and speed in accessing payment information and tracking student fees. In addition, Medical Tracker makes recording incidents, illnesses and medication administrations quick and straightforward. Schools can use Clubs Manager to automate booking and payment for breakfast clubs, after school clubs and sports leagues.

Cashless payments

Cashless payment systems help schools save both time and money by cutting down on paper usage. Furthermore, parents can track payments easily as well as set up automatic payments for expenses that recur regularly.

Teachers can utilize the system to get an accurate picture of student spending habits and activity levels, which will enable them to drive bookings that keep children engaged with learning activities that keep them safe.

ParentPay uses Customer Thermometer to help increase customer satisfaction, which is embedded directly into email notifications that inform customers when their ticket has been resolved. Customers can then easily provide feedback on their experience with Phil and his team so they can identify areas for improvement within support processes, making changes that provide better and more consistent service resulting in happier customers and an more efficient business.

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