Compatable Scale Labels For Grocery Store Scales

Maintain the optimal functioning of your grocer’s scale with these compatible scale labels, designed specifically to be used with it. Pre-printed labels cut down on ink, toner and ribbon costs for reduced downtime, maintenance costs and higher productivity.

Label Printing Scales (commonly referred to as Deli or Meat scales) produce barcodes which contain price information about what is being weighed; storeTender interprets these “price embedded” barcodes using PLU numbers embedded within these “price embedded” barcodes.
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Price computing scales with label printers can greatly streamline your inventory tracking system. Instead of having to use markers or tape to mark and record your items, these items automatically print labels showing weight, price per pound and selling price of each product – improving food safety while increasing kitchen efficiency by eliminating manual labeling efforts.

thermal label printers use direct printing technology that eliminates the need for replacement ribbons, producing bright and clear labels of high quality. Plus, these models feature an auto peeler for hands-free operation as well as being easily integrated with your POS system for data transfer.

These CAS compatible labels are custom designed for use with your CAS Scale printer and manufactured on high quality, durable Direct Thermal material. With 2 Color Print (Red & Blue), these measures 58 mm x 40 mm labels come packaged on 36 Rolls per case for easy storage.

Label-printing scales are unique scales designed to connect directly to printers and print price labels for items, making it useful for businesses that need to track items within warehouses or processes. Furthermore, users can connect a label printing scale directly to computers or tablets in order to upload new products, update pricing information and customize labels – as well as monitor salesman performance!

Labels can be printed onto regular printer paper or label sticker paper which comes in half-sheet sizes. When choosing this latter option, a suitable label-sticker printer must also be found; many online retailers provide these printers.

You have various connection options available to you for connecting your scale and printer – USB, RS-232 (serial), or wireless are all viable choices. Wireless may be a better option as this eliminates cables which might hinder employee movement around the work area more freely.
Ink Requirements

Instead of traditional printer paper, these labels require no ink or ribbon for printing – saving both money and maintenance time for your scale. Furthermore, direct thermal printing reduces chances of jamming and wear-and-tear on its print head.

This label roll was specially created for use with the Cas LP-1000 non-UPC scale and contains areas to print packed-on date, sell-by date, product weight, price per pound and total price information – providing your food safety standards are met while helping prevent inaccurate inventory tracking.

These linerless labels come on a roll of 65 meters with high-quality permanent adhesive that makes them the ideal alternative to masking tape or markers, helping keep items organized and easily readable while helping prevent cross-contamination in an effort to maintain a cleaner environment. Each label boasts at least 203 dots per inch print resolution for enhanced readability; FDA certification allows indirect food contact.

Use this NTEP label printer to label your food scale quickly and effortlessly. With its no ink printing system that eliminates ribbon costs and its auto peeler that prints one label at a time for hassle free operation, this printer comes complete with 1,600 labels as well as all necessary cables for straightforward setup.

These CAS Scale compatible labels are produced on high quality Direct Thermal material that allows direct printing onto them using your printer without needing ribbon or cartridge. Each label measures at 58mm x 40mm and comes packaged in 36 Rolls with strong high quality adhesive backings.

Use this CAS Scale label roll to keep your food storage system in tip top condition. With ample room to list packed-on date, sell-by date, product weight and price per pound to promote superior food safety practices and prevent unauthorised access, this tamperproof roll provides superior food safety practices while being secure enough for regular use.

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