Interest rates & Other Charges Applied On the Loan against Property

loan against property

For people who are salaried as well as those who are self-employed, loans against property have become a common credit option. It has many advantages as a secured loan that one can obtain by using their home as collateral, including a larger loan amount, flexible repayment terms, quicker approval, tax advantages, reduced interest, and more. These interest rates, however, might change based on the financial institution. Continue reading if you’re a potential borrower and want to learn more about the interest rates and fees associated with a loan against property.…

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Guidelines for Applying for a Gold Loan

gold loan

Indian consumer habits include purchasing gold on a regular basis. A higher number of buyers are interested in buying golden trinkets and view gold as a reliable investment. But few individuals know that you may use gold as collateral for loans if you need money. There is no need to sell your gold to get money because many lenders will let you use your gold as collateral for loans. The good news is that you can obtain loans at low rates of interest because so many financial institutions are currently…

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Use an Online Land Area Conversion Calculator

area conversion calculator, area converter

A land area converter calculator is a useful online tool that enables an individual to quickly switch among different units of the area in both imperial and metric systems. Throughout India, a series of different measurements are adopted for lands.  This tool can work as an area converter and help an individual to convert between square feet, acres, hectares, and so on.  Steps To Calculate Land Area Using Area Conversion Calculator Following is a step-by-step guide for using a land area converter calculator:  Step 1: Navigate to the official website…

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The Benefits Of A High Cibil Score For Home Loan

cibil score

When determining whether or not to grant a home loan, CIBIL scores are a key factor. It is one of the most important factors that a bank considers when deciding whether or not to approve a home loan application. After receiving your completed home loan application, the bank’s first order of business will be to review your cibil score for home loan. Your application will most likely be denied if you have a low credit score and a poor credit history. Your application for a house loan will be handled…

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